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  • You will need to provide a lock for your unit. You are allowed one (1) lock per door hasp.  Before opening door, lock must be removed from door hasp in order for door to open completely.
  • INSURANCE:  Owners does not assume liability for or provide any insurance on your goods and are not responsible for any loss or damage you suffer.  Tenant bears all risk of loss or damage to such personal property.  Adding stored goods to your existing Home Owners policy is generally inexpensive.  We strongly recommend that you insure your goods.  Check your Homeowners Policy.


  Monday thru Friday

 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


   9 AM  -  12 Noon




  7 Days a Week. All power is turned on at 6 AM and off at 9 PM

  6 AM - 9 PM


OFFICE CLOSED:  New Year's Eve & New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day,

  • Access to units is limited to gate hours.  If you are loading or unloading, please begin early enough to be through by gate closing time.  Gate automatically locks at the closing time.  A $25.00 fee will be charged if we have to open the gate after 9 PM.  If weather conditions on the property make it unsuitable for safe access, sign will be posted on gate and gate will be locked.  There will be no access for 24 Hours after a snowstorm to enable us to clear the property.

  • RENT PAYMENT:  Rent is due the first day of each month.  Rent may be paid by mail or in person at the office.  If paid by mail, check or money order payment should be in the exact amount due.  We recommend that you DO NOT send cash through the mail.  Please put your unit number on all payments to insure proper credit is given to your account.  We will charge your credit card on the due date, if you choose.  We reserve the right to employ a collection agency to collect the amounts due to us under the provisions of this Rental Agreement.  You will be responsible for all costs incurred in the collections of any amounts.

    We do not send out invoices.  You will need to remember to pay your rent on the first day of each month.  You will be locked out at the gate if payment is not received by the fifth of the month.  Your unit will be over-locked if the rent is twenty days past due.  When account is brought current, unit will be unlocked by the next Business Day.

    Payments are for the full month and are not refundable if you vacate prior to the next due date.  Rent is NOT pro-rated the month you move out.
  • LATE FEE:  A Late fee of $10 will be charged on the 10th of the month if the rent payment has not been received.  Plus an additional $10.00 on the 20th of the month plus an additional $10.00 on the 30th of the month until rent becomes current.

A $25.00 service charge plus all bank charges will be assessed on all
checks returned for any reason.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • VACATING YOUR UNIT:  Please advise the office seven (7) days in advance.  The unit must be vacated on or before the last day of the month for which rent has been paid and all terms and conditions of this agreement are met by the Tenant.  Remember to REMOVE YOUR LOCK.  Failure to remove you lock will result in your being charged the next month's rental and late fees.  Unit must be broom clean, empty, in good condition - subject only to normal wear and tear - and ready to re-rent.
  • SECURITY DEPOSIT:  Your security deposit will be refunded at the end of the month after you vacate property and under the following conditions:
              Everything is removed from the unit
              The unit is swept out
              Provide an address to which refund should be sent
              There is no physical damage to the unit - repair costs will be deducted from your deposit
              Rent and all Late Fees or other Charges are current and paid in full
  • We recommend that you put heavy plastic on the floor and use plastic storage tubs.
    No alterations of any kind may be made to the unit without express written permission by the Owner.
    Do not put holes of any kind in the walls, doors, ceilings or floors.
    No shops may be set up in the units.  No automobile maintenance or repairs will be allowed on the property.
  • Gate is locked and all power to units is cut off after gate hours.  Do not plug anything into the light socket other than one light bulb.
  • Please report any deficiencies in the building:  light fixtures, doors, etc.  We will replace or repair as required during normal office hours.  Please turn off your light before leaving.
  • Please keep pets inside your vehicle at all times, for their safety and the safety of other tenants.  We use insecticides and pesticides throughout the area for pest control.  You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.
  • No illegal or hazardous materials may be stored in units or on the premises:  i.e. flammable, explosive, corrosives or poisons.   No live plants or animals.  No food, spices or perishables.
  • No trash facilities provided.  You must remove all trash from the property.
    If you are storing anything that will leak, mark or stain concrete you MUST put plastic under it.
  • Please drive slowly – speed limit is 5 MPH.  Refrain from making a complete turn between buildings.  Do not block passage of other vehicles while unloading.  DRIVERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO THIS PROPERTY OR BUILDINGS CAUSED BY THEIR VEHICLE.
  • Tractor trailers or trucks larger than 20’ are allowed on the property only during office hours with the supervision of the Manager.
  • Automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles or conveyances, should be stored with minimal amounts of gasoline in the tanks.  Gasoline powered motors, machines, tools, etc., should be stored with their gas tanks drained of fuel.  Plastic drop cloths or other suitable protective coverings should be placed under vehicle for purposes of catching oil and grease spills.  If you leave spillage on the floor of your unit, you will be subject to forfeiture of your security deposit and liable for clean-up expenses.
    We require 24 hours after a storm with accumulating snow or ice to clear the driveways and hall doorways.  Tenant is responsible to remove snow or ice from their individual door area.  For your safety, facility will be closed to all traffic should weather conditions deem it necessary.
  • CHANGE OF ADDRESS:  It is your responsibility to promptly report any change of your address and/or telephone number to us in writing.

    CHANGE OF TERMS:  We may add to, remove, amend or change any part or provision of this Agreement or Rules and Regulations, including fees and charges, at any time, without notice.


For More Information Contact:

Henry & Mary Gearhart, Owners
Gearhart Properties, LLC

321 Route 940
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