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Neighborhood Friends at Moose Crossing Self Storage

Moose Crossing Self Storage is proud to be a member of the Blakeslee, PA community. Located in Scott County, in eastern Pennsylvania, Moose Crossing Self Storage serves residents and businesses in Blakeslee, Lake Harmony, the Pocono Lake area, and Arrowhead Lake, PA. Find all the neighborhood information Moose Crossing Self Storage has to offer below!

Neighborhood Friends

Our Neighborhood Friends Program

At Moose Crossing Self Storage, we recognize the importance of community support, and so we’ve established our Neighborhood Friends program. This program creates local business partnerships with Ironclad Self Storage and neighboring businesses within the Blakeslee, PA community. How does it work? In store, we feature a community Neighborhood Friends bulletin board, which displays the business cards and contact info of local area businesses we support and recommend, both online and in-person. At this station customers and guests are able to grab a company’s business card, or access a copy of the bulletin board’s contact information. In turn, we request that the businesses featured on our Neighborhood Friends bulletin board share our storage facility’s business cards and print material.

Check-in with our bulletin board frequently – a number of local businesses offer special discounts and promotions to Moose Crossing Self Storage customers.

Moose Crossing Self Storage in Blakeslee PA

Our neighborhood friends’ board provides an opportunity for local businesses to grow their respective client base through referrals and cross promotion. Interested in learning more? Stop by in person at Moose Crossing Self Storage in Blakeslee, PA, and chat with our store manager to have your business card featured on our Neighborhood Friends board today!

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