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Get ready for the cold weather by packing up your summer items for storage. If you live in the Pocono Mountains near Jack Frost Ski Resort, Moose Crossing Self Storage is close to you on Route 940! We have storage units as well as necessary storage supplies for packing at our Blakeslee PA facility. And when you buy storage supplies from Moose Crossing Self Storage during October, you are contributing to a donation to Susan G. Komen in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Stop by our office to help us make a difference!

1. Gather the Right Boxes and Supplies

You will most likely need boxes of all sizes to pack efficiently. Large items with some extra weight to them should be packed into smaller boxes as long as they can fit. This will make it easier to carry. Otherwise, a large box carrying a lot of weight could break or end up injuring the person carrying it. You can use a large box to carry your lighter objects, like blankets and clothes, that don’t pose a risk of breaking. Also, pick out the storage supplies you need ahead of time for packing and padding your boxes. You can find boxes, bubble wrap, and more in our office.

2. Reserve Your Services ASAP

Do you plan on renting a moving truck? Movers? These are all factors to consider far in advance. Once you decide on a moving day, start booking your services to make sure they are all available on the same day. Reserve your storage unit from Moose Crossing Self Storage online or by calling our office.

Why Get Storage and Storage Supplies from Moose Crossing Self Storage in Blakeslee PA?

Whether you live in the area permanently or seasonally, you have items to store for the winter. Moose Crossing Self Storage is nearby, offers all the necessary amenities for both residential and commercial storage, and has resources to guide you through the storage process. And when you run into a situation when you need extra boxes, just come by our office. Find your storage solution with us!

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