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Make Space For Your Home Office and Gym

Are you working remotely, running your business, paying bills, or just exercising from home? If you are, you will need a better location in your home to complete these objectives besides just a corner of the living room. With the help of self storage, it is now time to take back your space so you can create your home office or gym. Moose Crossing Self Storage has various storage solutions for storing your belongings in order for you to be able to work remotely and stay organized, in addition to creating your home gym allowing for both your mind and body to stay active. Uncover some helpful tips below for how to make use of self storage around the house!
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 Ideas to Make Space for Your Home Office or Gym

Home Office Ideas

If you plan to work from home or run a business from home, then you need to find a balance in your shared spaces. In your work area, remove distractions, such as excessive electronics and household projects, from your sight. Tuck them away in another room to keep work and home life separate.
An easy and affordable way to create more space in your home to create a home office is to rent a nearby self storage unit. By moving objects that you do not use often from your home to a secondary storage space, you can create more room to organize a home office space that has everything you need. Moose Crossing Self Storage offers the ultimate flexibility with our storage rentals so we can serve any storage load size. You can rent month-by-month as long as you need, and you can upgrade your storage unit as your needs change.

Home Gym Ideas

Depending on your level of workout, you may prefer an indoor or outdoor home gym. Think about the equipment you would like to acquire, and make sure your space can support it. You want enough room for at least an exercise or yoga mat, some weights, and additional space for movement. If you are living in an apartment, this may limit your options, but living rooms, patios, and porches can make ample shared living and workout space. Designate a storage space for your workout gear when it needs to be tucked away from that shared space.

Moose Crossing Self Storage in Blakeslee, PA

Working remotely or working out from home, self storage is key to becoming and staying organized. Our Blakeslee, PA, self storage facility is fully secure with gated access, personalized keypad access at entry points, 24-hour digitally video recording cameras, and drive-up storage units for use. If you need to store furniture to create room in your home for an office or gym, try out one of our large drive-up options. There are also small unit sizes available as well if you only are looking to store some of your personal belongings.

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