small pantry organization

Small Pantry Organization Tips

Do you have a small pantry and need organization solutions for more storage space? In addition to offering secure self storage to the Blakeslee, PA, community, Moose Crossing Self Storage has tips to help you keep your kitchen space tidy. Find innovative ways to make the most of the space you already have, and rent nearby self storage to handle the rest!

small pantry organization

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Small Pantry Organization Tips

Group & Store Similar Items Together

Organization 101 is grouping items together with similar characteristics. You will always know where to search for a specific object if you keep general categories. Better Homes & Gardens suggests these pantry categories to start your organizing:

  • Beverages
  • Bottles
  • Bread & Rolls
  • Breakfast Food
  • Cans
  • Pasta/Grains
  • Snacks
  • Spices

Create a System for Food Containers

Tupperware, Pyrex, Ziplock, old Chinese food containers—whatever your food container storage of choice, you have probably accumulated quite a collection. To keep it all straight, we recommend an easy system. Pack round, rectangle, and square container bottoms into their larger counterparts to condense them as much as possible. Then store the lids together so you can easily identify the shape and size you need.

Stack Your Stackables

To make the most of the pantry space you have, search for opportunities to safely stack objects. Cans are sturdy enough that you should be able to stack them with a decent amount for long periods of time. Boxes, such as those for pasta and cereal, can also be stacked as long as the boxes being stacked on top are of equal or lesser weight.

Consider Alternative Spaces

So you may not have any more kitchen cabinet or closet space, but how about in your hallway? If you have an open hallway that can hold a small storage mechanism, then you can still store pantry items close to your cooking prep station. Some other options include adding open shelving to your kitchen walls or hanging hooks. Get creative!

Install a Pull-Out Pantry

If your kitchen has the space, a pull-out pantry makes for efficient kitchen storage. You can access all your pantry items just as easily as you can tuck it back away. The pull-out pantry also helps you keep from overlooking expired foods. See if this could work with your small pantry space!

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